Dean of Students

Position: Dean of Students / School Support Coordinator    
Department: Learning Center – including Academy at Sisters, J Bar J Boys Ranch, and J5 locations
Reports to: Academic Director


Under general direction, the Dean of Students has a variety of student supervision responsibilities specifically assigned in the overall operation of the school. The Dean of Students assists the Academic Director in coordinating the school program through the student supervision and behavior support programs in the school and works closely with school and administration to implement and support best practices in developing prosocial behaviors. The Dean of Students works under the supervision of the Academic Director.  



  1. Supports the systemwide student management plan including policies related to student accountability, cognitive behavior treatment and accountability based cognitive restructuring. 
  1. Proctor GED Tests utilizing the J Bar J Learning Center’s GED Testing Facility. 
  1. Assists with the preparation of materials related to the school’s operation.  
  1. Assists the Academic Director in stimulating and providing opportunities for professional growth of staff personnel and providing leadership for educational programs within the school. 
  1. Maintains and implements company policy.  
  1. Organizes, coordinates and administers the keeping of student attendance records and related reporting and communication requirements.  
  1. Institutes and supports measures for the orientation of students.  
  1. Facilitates investigations and administers appropriate accountability measures based in restorative and trauma informed practices in collaboration with school teams.  
  1. Works with organization team and community groups relative to mutual concerns and deals with troubleshoots complaints as directed by the Academic Director.  
  1. Attend treatment team meetings and consults with case managers, classroom teachers and organization personnel to develop plans for student success.  
  1. Conducts regular “check in” meetings with teachers to monitors student progress on behavior and academic goals by adjusting 30/90 student education plans.  
  1. Develops, fosters, and models effective student behavior management skills including collecting and analyzing data related to student progress while working with school team members to adjust student supports as needed. 
  1. Assists Academic Director in motivating and leading the school staff toward the improvement of student behavior in and out of the classroom.  
  1. Attend all organization safety trainings and train learning center staff.  
  1. Fulfills other related duties as assumed or assigned.  
  1. Fulfills performance standards identified in the evaluation process as required by the position.  
  1. Fulfills working conditions and physical effort listed below.  

WORKING CONDITIONS: The Dean of Students frequently works beyond an eight-hour day and a five-day work week attending meetings and supervising students. Supervision responsibilities require the employee to be able to stand for up to 45 consecutive minutes and move rapidly to intervene in situations where a student’s safety is being jeopardized. Supervision may also occur during times of inclement weather. The employee needs to be able to lift materials, boxes or equipment weighing up to 50 pounds.  

The employee must be tolerant yet assertive in order to communicate effectively in confrontational and emotional situations involving staff, students, and their parents/guardians. Confidentiality is a top priority for the person in this position.  



Knowledgeable and trained in best practices related to prosocial skill development such as Trauma Informed Practice, TCR, Restorative Practices, Collaborative Problem Solving and structured flexibility. Ability to work with a diverse student population in individual and group settings. Knowledge of current educational theory and best practices as it relates to alternative education. Ability to communicate effectively with students and staff, and to be a cooperative, collaborative, and effective member of a professional team. Demonstrated use of technology in the classroom. Knowledge of GED instruction and testing. Computer technology and other equipment used in the workplace, as required by the position.  

Skills and Abilities:  

Possess the physical ability to regularly attend work and fulfill the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation. Adhere to the federal requirements of a drug-free workplace. Hold a valid first aid card. Perform the duties as required by the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (OAR 584-20-000 to 035).  Read, understand and carry out oral and/or written instructions.  Accurately transfer, record and convey information, materials and money, as required by the position. Communicate clearly and appropriately in speech and in writing in accordance with educational standards.  


Education: Completion of coursework satisfying the requirement of issuance of a valid Oregon teaching license with appropriate endorsement in the designated assignment.  

Experience: Demonstrated ability to teach students to be successful learners through student teaching, internship or temporary/regular teaching experience.  

CERTIFICATION AND LICENSING: Valid Oregon Teaching License required