Marketing Assistant

Position: Marketing Assistant and Social Media Coordinator
Department: Marketing
Reports to: Marketing Creative Manager

Job Summary

Support the marketing department by helping to increase outreach efforts. Create content highlighting our programs and youth for distribution through social media and other outlets, including video production and written content. Increase our reach and visibility on social media through engaging with our followers, other non-profits, and businesses with whom our target persona interacts. Assist with other projects as needed.


Content Creation:
Contact program managers to track down stories, interview them and/ or the youth. Video interviews and B roll, produce finished video for use in multiple digital platforms. Write mini-stories for use on social media and other partner outlets. When a photo of the youth is not available or can’t be used, look through stock photos to find one to match the story.   

Social Media:
Assist in developing a social media playbook for programs and campaigns when needed. These documents outline objectives, goals, target demographics, and define personas, roles and responsibilities, as well as policies and rules of engagement.

Follow other pages and Instagram accounts who meet the goals lined out in the playbook – these may be other non-profits, governmental, sponsors, or businesses with a strong presence in the target demographic. Proactively interact with these accounts on a regular basis, reacting to, sharing, and commenting on their posts.

Create posts using statistics, stories, and program information. Interact with those who comment or tag us. Point out any questions that need to be answered by someone in the program to the employee there on their social media account.

Curate relevant news and content from other sources that our followers might like or respond to.

Based on the playbook or otherwise stated goals, create reports and update monthly. These will vary, depending on the purpose of the campaign.

Other Duties:
Take on other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Marketing Creative Manager, or needed by other programs.

Help with maintenance of websites. (WordPress)

Attend and participate in meetings as needed.


Knowledge, Skills and Ability: Demonstrate strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to interface smoothly with other staff and the general public. Ability to be a positive team player. Attention to detail.

Experience and Training: A Bachelor’s degree preferred with major study in marketing, graphic design, film or a closely allied field, or two years working directly in social media commercially.

This job description is not meant to be all inclusive, and it is subject to change.