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Because of you~

A Beautiful Baby Boy is Born

When a young mother from Burns made the choice to come live at Grandma’s House she was facing a very serious medical issue; with high risk health problems the doctor felt she would not make it to her 27th week of pregnancy. Living in Burns she was told she would very likely have to be air transported to Bend when she went into labor. She came to live at Grandma’s House when she was 20 weeks pregnant.  As each week passed, we celebrated.  When we passed the 27-week mark we REALLY celebrated!  She went into labor at 38 weeks and a wonderful full-term baby boy was born.  Mom & baby have now moved home to the family. She is sure because of the  nurturing environment of Grandma’s House she and her baby had the best chance at life!  A loving quote from mom:

“I enjoyed my time at Grandma’s House.  Everyone has helped me a lot and were very supportive.  I loved all the staff and other girls, I will miss you all very much and will send other mothers to Grandma’s House. Thank you to all our supporters!” 

When you support Grandma’s House, you give young women and their babies a more hopeful beginning.   

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A Young Man’s Future is Brighter

I met 19 year old “James” while doing outreach at a local adult homeless shelter a few weeks ago. James is quick to laugh, works for a painting company, and loves cooking vegetarian food. He comes to drop-in hours at the LOFT for showers and to do laundry once a week. We chat about how he enjoys brushing his teeth under the stars every night, the local music scene, and we show off pictures of our hometowns. James has been reluctant to engage in services, and thus identify as being homeless. Working with him has been a slow process of letting him direct what support he’s comfortable accepting and how much trust he’s willing to extend. 

In Street Outreach programs, “success” isn’t always defined by permanent housing. We also have to celebrate the smaller accomplishments that pave the way to independence and housing security. In the case of James, we’ve been thrilled to be able to support him in getting Oregon Health Plan coverage, registered to vote, visits to health and dental providers, employment support, and a driver’s license. James is still living in a van, but our conversations have recently shifted towards degree program options at Central Oregon Community College and rooms available for rent. The flexibility of the Cascade Youth and Family Street Outreach Program allows clients to maintain autonomy, and allows us to meet clients like James where he is and to offer resources to support his goals.

Cascade Youth and Family Center is in need of furniture for their downtown outreach office client engagement room. This space will be used by clients to complete paperwork, resumes, housing applications, do art, therapy, and as comfortable and safe first meeting place with the human trafficking task force partners. (Police, Health Care, Behavioral Health.) 

We need 2 small couches and a large coffee table. Floor lamp, plants, a large rug, and 2 matching desks. Hoping for a World Market Vibe. 

We can also use: Art supplies, paints, colored pencils, canvas etc.
Street Outreach-Zero degree sleeping bags, large backpacks, socks, underwear (men/women-all sizes) 
Client – Gift cards – $5-$50, to coffee shops, fast food, Walmart, Safeway 

New CYFC Program Develops

Anti Trafficking brochure

Cascade Youth and Family Center program for victims of human trafficking has gained national recognition. The Attorney General’s Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee extended official certification to the Deschutes County’s Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Commercial Task Force. Mel Parker, Project Director for CYFC’s’s Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Program also serves as Co-Chair for the county’s CSEC Task Force

Our program was featured on the Federal Office of Trafficking Persons FEDERAL website! This article highlights the J Bar J transitional housing made possible by a HUD grant from the City of Redmond.
See more at •
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Vocational School is Coming Soon

A new vocational program, located on the J Bar J Boys Ranch campus will offer kids a chance to change their lives and look forward to a positive future. Learning a vocation that leads to employment builds resiliency in these youth and reduces the likelihood of re-offending. It also adds skilled workers to help build a workforce for the community.

The Boys will have the opportunity to learn skills such as:

· Carpentry, dry wall, and framing
· Landscaping and painting
· Robotics
· Culinary Arts
· Woodworking
· Auto and small engine repair
· Technology ~ general computer and app design
· Drone development

The Vocational Program needs men and women speakers to share what they do with the boys at the Ranch. To be part of The People of Inspiration Series. Call Peggy @ 389.1409.

We are pleased to announce that J Bar J will be a beneficiary of this year’s 7th annual St. Patrick’s Day Dash! This fun 5K run will involve much green and laughter! Thank you Mt. Bachelor Rotary Club for supporting the new vocational program for teens on the J Bar J Youth Ranch Campus! Volunteer or learn more!  SIGN UP 


Heartfelt Thanks ~ Letters from a J5 Graduate and a Big

The Gift of Time~ 

The greatest gift we can give is taking the time to let others know they matter. Time is an asset many of us possess yet greatly undervalue.  Spending time with someone takes no special skill or training.  Many young people have never experienced one on one time with an adult simply because the adult wants to be there.  Have had three match experiences and all have been awesome.

I became involved with the BBBS organization in 1995.  I initially signed up with a bit of hesitation.  The program sounded wonderful, however, I had reservations about whether I possessed the skills necessary to take on the role of “Big Sister”.  I thought to myself … what will it require of me? What skills will I need? Am I an interesting enough person that a child will be interested in spending one on one time with me?  After all, I had no specific skills or training working with young people.  Regardless of my doubts I took the leap and made the decision to step into the role and give it a shot.

My first match was with a young 13-year-old girl.  Our initial meeting was a bit nerve racking.  I admit my nervousness was completely self-induced as the placement counselor did a wonderful job in preparing me for the meeting.  I thought to myself, I shouldn’t be nervous, I’m and adult, right?  My first match was excited and eager to begin our activities.  Her first success in the match was proudly providing me with written directions to her house.  During our match we enjoyed many activities, some planned and other unplanned.  We enjoyed spontaneous outings shopping and just hanging out around the house working on homework, baking and visiting.  She eventually moved to Hawaii and our relationship came to an end.

My second match was with a 9-year-old girl.  I was much more confident about our introduction.  I later learned that our perceptions of the introduction were quite different.  She later shared with me that subsequent to my arrival she had to be pried out of her room and convinced to “give it a chance”.  We laugh about our differing perceptions today and are grateful we were both willing to commit to giving the relationship a chance.  She lived with her Grandparents during our match and enjoyed spending time with the younger age group.  After a year she was reunited with her Mother and moved out of town.  It was a year later that I received a phone call from her Grandmother with the announcement “She’s back, would you be willing to spend time with her again”.   I jumped at the opportunity. 

The greatest gift I have received from my match with Cady is the privilege to be an integral part of her and her family’s lives.  I have been blessed with invitations to what I call “The Firsts” Her first soccer game as goalie, her first play, her first concert, and her first season as a guard on her 8th grade BOYS football team and many other primary experiences in her young adult life.  Six years later, she and I have remained fiends and continue to spend time together.  Our match relationship has grown into a tightly bound friendship. 

One of our most recent experiences is partnering to be Big Sisters to another young lady.  The newest member of our sisterhood is 11 years old.  She is a springboard of excitement and energy.  Cady and I have enjoyed spending time with her.  Watching Cady pass her experience and gifts forward to a new Little has been awesome. ~ C. Maxwell


Dear Adrian & Florez / Staff,
I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program. I know that I haven’t had the best behaviors at my time in J5, but I am grateful for all the skills and lessons you’ve taught me. This program has taught me a way to be a better dad, brother, son, and spouse than I would have been without it, so thank you for accepting/ graduating me from your program. ~Donavon

Another note from a J5 Graduate:
Thank you guys for everything you did for me while I was at J-5. It means a lot to me. I know towards the end I didn’t show how thankful I was and I apologize for that. I am going to take this as a new beginning and learn from here on out how to be good and drug free, thanks to J-5 ha, ha.
Thanks for everything, Dylan

Together, we help gets kids on track. Thank you, because every child matters