Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

J Bar J Youth Services is the sole provider of a continuum of services for runaway and homeless youth in the region. We offer programs and shelter, supporting their health, education, and growth toward self sufficiency.

From our 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention and drop in services for kids living on the street, to stable long-term transitional housing, our programs are designed to ensure safety and structure and promote a sense of belonging, self-worth, and personal responsibility. Through life skills training, education planning, and employment search assistance, kids in our programs build a better future for themselves.

Cascade Youth and Family Center:
Began by J Bar J Youth Services in 1989, Cascade Youth and Family Center has been a safe haven for young people in jeopardy for thirty years.

Grandma’s House:
Founded by Woody Medieros in 1992 to provide nurturing resources for a fragile population, Grandma’s House joined J Bar J Youth Services in 2017. No longer standing alone, Woody and her staff have the administrative support of accounting, human resources, and grant reporting. Now she and her team are able to focus on those things that motivated her to start Grandma’s House in the first place: offering a better start and future to teen mothers and their babies.

Cascade Youth and Family Center

Meeting kids on the street, we assess their situation and offer help and mentoring based on their needs and desire to participate.

Our drop in services are available twice a week, making food, showers, laundry, and clothing accessible, as well as advocacy, referrals, and assistance.

Cascade Youth and Family Center

This program offers crisis intervention, case management, and shelter for up to 21 nights. Assessments and mediation help to reunite youth with their families, if possible, and strengthen their relationships.

Cascade Youth and Family Center

The LOFT is a structured and safe home environment for youth as they move toward the future they want.

During their residency, they attend school, work, and develop a plan to
transition to stable self-sufficiency.

Grandma’s House

Providing shelter and care for homeless or abused pregnant girls. They enter the program to carry out healthy, full term pregnancies, learn to parent, or complete a successful adoption.

Young mothers stay for up to two years. While at the house they can continue their education and gain the necessary life skills for a smooth transition into independent living or a safe return to family.

Cascade Youth and Family Center

Teaching skills for living independently to former foster children and connecting them with services as they step into the adult world. Many young people transitioning from foster care into self-sufficiency don’t have the knowledge or the financial ability they need to live on their own. We help them with practical things like getting a license, filling out applications for apartments, and connecting them with resources.