Job Program Manager Boys Ranch

Position:                       Program Manager                    
Department:                J Bar J Boys Ranch
Reports to:                  Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Executive Officer


Primary oversight responsibility for management and day to day operations of J Bar J Boys Ranch. Program Manager is responsible for promoting excellence in client relations and customer service, as well as engaging, motivating and supervising staff, volunteers and youth. Responsibilities additionally include, but are not limited to: ensuring contractual obligations with Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and federal government are met or exceeded, follow-up and review of documentation, direct youth service as needed, develop and work within a balanced budget, and support J Bar J as a part of the Management Team.

This is a full time, 40 hour per week position, primarily days Monday-Friday, but will include variable shifts including some nights, weekends and holidays. This position includes on call responsibilities.


Quality Assurance

  • Responsible for day-to-day Ranch operations while ensuring delivery and coordination of program services
  • Develop and monitor appropriate documentation of BRS/OYA requirements, along with state, county and any additional grant reporting requirements, includes case files, daily and personal logs, group and individual services and any other documentation needed or appropriate
  • Responsible for regular and systematic review of program documentation, with verification all contractual, licensing and grant requirements are being met
  • Follow through on complete documentation and program reports, as well as policies and procedures and any ongoing program updates as needed or required
  • Supervise livability and maintenance of all Ranch buildings and living environments
  • Oversee kitchen and ensure menus are USDA Food and Nutrition Service compliant
  • Keep current and accessible all emergency procedures, policies and contact information
  • Emergency contact for all Ranch Programs, inform CEO as needed/required
  • Monitor medication dispensation procedures including documentation, storage, delivery of medication and destruction of unused medication, per Agency Policies and Procedures
  • Assist Case Managers in receiving referrals, administering intakes and assessments, and providing on-going case management, as well as working to develop individual Transitional Living Plans
  • Ensure consistent, timely communication between program staff, parents of youth and referral sources, and communication with victim therapists as needed
  • Assist Case Managers as needed to facilitate family mediations, and when appropriate work to problem-solve, reconcile and heal damaged family relationships
  • Evaluate group and individual counseling skills, ability to follow rehabilitation curriculum and Master Service Plans; includes documentation, implementation and follow through
  • Participate in and supervise recreational and discretionary activities with residents
  • Manage limited caseload and maintain appropriate case management duties
  • Oversight of appointment scheduling relative to resident physical needs, medical, dental, clothing, etc., and provide transportation as needed
  • Direct responsibility for scheduling home visits, authorized leaves, Ranch visits, school meetings and coordination of the same
  • Supervise and develop individual Transitional Service Plans and after-care resources for residents
  • Coordinate and facilitate site assessments for youth in transition
  • Supervise and implement effective utilization of Accountability Based Cognitive Restructuring program (ABCR) and Thinking, Changing, Rearranging curriculum (TCR) as well as sex offender component and therefore provide consistent accountability for all Ranch residents
  • Ensure completion of initial 24-hour Service Plan for new youth in placement and other caseload obligations in Case Manager absence
  • Serve as a member of Management Team and Rehabilitation Team
  • Develop and maintain data base, include BRS data, to document on site evidence of program long and short-term efficacy


  • Direct, supervise and evaluate Ranch employees with J Bar J and Ranch program standards
  • Provide initial new staff orientation & paperwork in conjunction with Human Resource Department
  • Hire, promote and terminate in conjunction with Executive Director and Agency Policies and Procedures
  • Identify, schedule and provide appropriate trainings for ongoing staff development
  • Engage, motivate, support employees, as well as create a positive, cohesive team
  • Develop and maintain appropriate scheduling ratios and review of timesheets for all Ranch staff
  • Responsible for scheduling, planning and facilitating weekly treatment team and monthly All Staff meetings
  • Responsible for mediation and facilitation of initial steps in grievance filing procedures for youth, parents and all Ranch staff
  • Provide specific, applicable feedback to all staff as to appropriate responses for client behavior patterns, and ensure accurate utilization of token economy system
  • Be familiar with all group curriculum and facilitate groups as needed


  • Run operations for all Ranch departments, including personnel, within a balanced budget (in the black)
  • Follow through contact and communication for all on-going and developing, grants and contracts
  • Provide written approval for financial transactions
  • Maintain positive relationship, with regular and open communication with all funders and donors
  • Work in conjunction with J Bar J Youth Services, Management Team to recommend, implement and monitor new concepts for program and grant development


  • Liaison to Clinical Consultant, J Bar J Learning Center and Polygraph Examiner
  • Liaison between J Bar J Ranch and OYA Program Analyst.
  • Liaison to J Bar J Maintenance Department and supervision of Community Service projects
  • Liaison between Ranch staff, youth, parents, relevant state and federal agencies, referring professionals, parole/probation officers, court system and others to meet program needs
  • Assist with tours, public speaking, marketing and alumni outreach efforts as need
  • Represent J Bar J Youth Services on regional planning groups and community presentations
  • Responsible for coordinating preparation and daily operation of annual Horse Show
  • Other duties as directed or required by CEO


  • Knowledge, Skills and Ability: Knowledge of all phases of youth residential care, development strategies, curricula and philosophies, BRS standards and requirements, OYA policies and procedures, and Oregon Revised Statues relative to juvenile offenders. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of ABCR Program model and related support modalities and have ability to effectively implement. Ability to effectively direct and supervise staff, interface with referring agencies, parents/guardians, schools, caseworkers, parole/probation officers and implement intervention strategies with delinquent youth and their families. Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal and computer skills including conflict resolution, mediation, group facilitation, including offender specific group counseling and skill building, and public speaking. Knowledge of budgets, grants and grant writing. Demonstrate excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, especially when dealing with program reporting and grant writing. Able to prepare concise, thorough documentation and reports. Able to remain in control during crisis situations and maintain a rational, professional demeanor at all times.
  • Experience and Training: A master’s degree with major study in social work or closely allied field and one (1) year experience working with at risk youth, or a bachelor’s degree with major study in social work, psychology, sociology or a closely allied field and a minimum of three (3) years’ experience working with at risk youth. Experience in program development and implementation, residential programs, staff supervision and multiple project management. Preferred but not required, two (2) years sex offender specific training and/or treatment work. Valid Oregon driver license and CPR/1st Aid certification is required.