J5 Short Term Stabilization Program

J5 provides Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to adjudicated boys ages 13-19, in need of staff-secure residential treatment for short term stabilization.  The program encourages youth that have been unsuccessful in the community to reset their behavior in a safe and structured environment. 

Service plans at J5 are individualized and targeted toward behaviors such as substance use, thinking errors, sexual offending, delinquency, anger management, and social skills.  Youth, family and OYA representatives are involved in the development of attainable treatment goals and measurable objectives. Residents receive a minimum of 11 hours of BRS per week including 2 hours of Individual Counseling or Skill Building .

While in the same complex as the Deschutes County Juvenile Detention facility at 63360 NW Britta Street, Bend Oregon, J5 has separate and distinct ingress/egress as well as sight and sound separation from youth held in detention.  Cognitive behavioral programming is provided by trained J5 staff with an emphasis on providing the necessary skills to transition into longer-term placement. J5 is designed to be utilized for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Youth are referred through the JJIS/JPAS system.

Questions can be directed to Bruce Waldrup at 541-312-4022